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Debate: Muslim Vs Ahmadi (Qadiani) are Ahmadis Muslims?

We were honored to upload this debate by the MDI, which took place on Thursday 19th December 2013 in Toronto Canada, between their Canadian branch speaker Sadat Anwar (MDI Canada) and Ansar Raza (Ahmadi-Qadiani scholar) on the topic of whether Ahmadiyya are a part of Islam, or another breakaway religion like the Bahais.

So in summary "Are the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, really a "Muslim" community? Or are they out of the fold of Islam?"

In this really interesting and fruitful debate we see the best of the Ahmadis (also referred to as Qadianis) debate a spokes person from the Muslim Debate Initiative.

The two debaters:

Muslim side: Anwar Sadat (Muslim Debate Initiative)
Ahmadiyyah side: Ansar Raza (Ahmadi-Qadiani scholar)

Some interesting links related to the debate:

Why Ansar Raza (or any other Qadiani missionary) will not debate the character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? Written by Anwar Sadat (the brother who features in the debate):

Ahmediyya and Muslims:

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