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Brother Junaid Jamshed (رحمه الله‎‎) Calling the Azan

Today the world lost of it's greatest souls our Dear brother Junaid Jamshed. Here is what Shaykh Yasir Qadhi had to say about him:

I just logged on to Br. Junaid Jamshed's Facebook page, where there is a video of his last Jumah from a few days ago. I cannot believe the two verses that he chose to recite in the last Jumah he led, for they are so tragically beautiful in light of this accident:

In the first rakah, he recited Baqara 153-7, in which we are told that those who die in the way of Allah are not dead, but alive with their Lord. And we are also commanded to say 'To Allah we belong and to Him We shall return' at times of calamity.

In the second rakah, he recited Fussilat 30-33, in which we are informed that the best of mankind are those who call to Allah, and do good deeds, and proclaim their faith. And Allah will comfort such people at the time of death - the angels themselves will comfort them even as they welcome them to Paradise.

It is very moving that these were his last verses, and insha Allah it is a positive sign at the beautiful death that Allah blessed him with.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon....

A PIA plane has crashed and it is feared that all on it have died, including the famous singer turned preacher, Junaid Jamshed.

May Allah have mercy on him and all of those who died!

In the summer of 1992, when I was a student at the University of Houston, Junaid Jamshed came with his band 'Vital Signs' to perform a singing tour at our campus. Hundreds of Muslim students went to attend, and of course there was the standard music, dancing and singing going on at the time. Our Muslim Student Association (of which I was an integral part!) decided to stand outside that event, and pass out fliers reminding Muslims that this was not appropriate for them to do. I was a part of that 'protest' outside of Junaid's hall.
Then, Allah guided Junaid to leave the music industry and become a preacher.
Fifteen years later, after I had graduated from Madinah, in the summer of 2007 in London at the GPU event sponsored by Islam Channel, I met Junaid Jamshed and informed him of that story. This was minutes after we had both shared a stage speaking to the largest audience in the Western world - over forty thousand people. I said to him how Allah works in mysterious ways: one day I was warning against his concert, and now we were both sharing the same stage for the same message! And I gifted him a copy of my Dua book. He was so moved and humbled that I'll never forget what he did: he literally hugged me and I could see his eyes well up with tears.

Truly, Allah raises those whom He pleases and writes love for them in this world.

May Allah accept Junaid Jamshed's death as a martyrdom (along with all of those who died!) and bless their families with patience and comfort at this trying time.

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