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Princess Rapunzel at McDonald's DRIVE-THRU! w/ Evil Queen, Paw Patrol Chase & Spiderman IRL

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Princess Rapunzel at McDonald's DRIVE-THRU! w/ Evil Queen, Paw Patrol Chase & Spiderman IRL

The Evil Queen is talking on her phone while riding her bike and won't move so Princess Rapunzel goes up to her and throws a pie in her face. As the Evil Queen is trying to clean her face, Rapunzel throws two more pies at her and drives off with the Evil Queen close behind. Paw Patrol Chase is first at the drive thru window and Rapunzel is angry because of how long she has to wait. As Rapunzel is talking to Spiderman at the window, the Evil Queen sneaks in and puts insects on all of the food.

Disney Rapunzel throws money into the window and Spiderman begins to prepare her food. After honking her horn many times and waiting and eternity, she gets her food and drink and speeds off. Rapunzel finds a place to sit down and enjoy her food, and the Evil Queen watches as she eats the insects. The Evil Queen approaches Rapunzel and laughs at her so Rapunzel gets revenge by smearing a burger all over her face. Rapunzel and the Evil Queen begin fighting and pulling each other's hair when Chase rushes in to break it up.

The girls run out of food and try to reach for bags that Chase lifts up, but he tells them that they need to stop fighting and make up. Once they agree, he hands them the food to eat, but the Evil Queen soon breaks the ceasefire and smears ice cream on Rapunzel's face. They begin to throw all of the food and drinks at each other. As the girls continue to fight, Chase hopelessly tries to stop them.

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