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Spiderman & Hulk Motorbike CRASH in POOL! w/ Frozen Elsa Mickey Mcdonald's Drive Thru in Real Life

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Spiderman and Hulk McDONALDS DRIVE THRU Prank! w/ Mickey Mouse Superheroes Movie Kids Toys in Real Life

Spiderman and Hulk are hungry and decide to go to Mcdonalds Drive Thru ! Frozen Elsa serves them a Happy Meal with motor bikes toys and balloons 🎈.
Superheroes discover their happy meals and make an unboxing of their toys and eat their burgers 🍔

They are playing with their mini motos then Mickey Mouse comes with a super Motorbike power wheels their are jealous and ask Mickey to transform their mini moto into big motorbikes, then Mickey makes magic and transforn the mini bikes in big 🏍.

Unfortunately Spiderman and Hulk have an accident with their motorbikes and fall in Pool.
Hulk is angry and Smash Spiderman then Mickey Mouse told them to stop and makes them a Surprise and makes magic and the pool becomes full of plastic balls pit show ! Shark Attack Spiderman Prank with Spiderman and his Spiderbaby Toy !

Enjoy this parody with all your favorite superheroes videos with your family fun! Thanks for watching my funny movies videos for kids!

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