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Hulk & Frozen Elsa Becomes GIANT VAMPIRE SPIDERS! w/ Spiderman Superman Joker Rapunzel Doctor IRL

Vampire Spider HULK Bites Frozen Elsa? Tarantula attack!

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Frozen Elsa Kisses Hulk? BREAK UP w/ Spiderman? Joker Superman Snow White Rapunzel IRL

Is Hulk KISSING Spiderman? Frozen Elsa Cheating Love Story w/ Maleficent Joker Venom Kids fun IRL!

Frozen Elsa Superhero COSTUME CHALLENGE! w/ Spiderman Joker Maleficent Monster Santa Vampire IRL

Is Frozen Elsa CHEATING on Spiderman? Kissing Santa Claus w/ Maleficent Joker Vampire IRL

Frozen Elsa CINDERELLA Spiderman LOVE Story! w/ Maleficent Joker Cop Witch Santa Vampire IRL

Hulk loses his FEET! Wheelchair CHASE w/ Frozen Elsa Spiderman Joker Maleficent IRL

Is Hulk Eating CHIPS From a TOILET? w/ Frozen Elsa Spiderman Joker Maleficent Snow White fun IRL

Is SANTA CALUS Dead? Crying Frozen Elsa w/ Spiderman Hulk Rapunzel Maleficent Joker fun IRL

Santa Claus Bitten by VAMPIRE Dracula? w/ Frozen Elsa Spiderman Maleficent Joker Hulk IRL

Santa Claus Frozen Elsa CAR CHASE! w/ Spiderman Maleficent Joker Vampire Hulk IRL

Frozen Elsa Spiderman & Rapunzel JAILED by BABY POLICE? w/ Joker Evil Devil Vampire Superhero fun :)

Joker CUTS Frozen Elsa Hair! Shock Prank w/ Spiderman Fairy Godmother Hulk superhero in real life

Is Frozen Elsa KISSING a FROG? w/ Spiderman Joker Baby Mini Elsa Venom Superhero Acion Movie

Vampire Frozen Elsa Bites Superheroes! w/ Spiderman Black Spiderman Baby Cop Hulk Doctor IRL

Dracula turns Frozen Elsa into a VAMPIRE! w/ Spiderman, Spidergirl, Hulk, Joker & Marshall IRL

Bad Baby HULK Gross Battle! Spiderman Joker Pink Spidergirl Frozen Elsa Black Spiderman! Toy Freaks

Hulk becomes Red Hulk?! w/ Spiderman, Frozen Elsa, Lady Hulk, Joker & Candy :)

Hulk gets a BIG Toe?! w/ Spiderman, Frozen Elsa, Lucky Bird, Lady Hulk, Joker & Candy :)

Music Credits:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)
http:/uf ylimaf/
Twin Musicom
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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