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Police Spiderman ARREST Hulk & Baby Frozen Elsa ! Monster Trucks Power Wheels Driving Car Real Life

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Spiderman Police Arrest Frozen Elsa & Hulk !!! Fun Superheroes Power Wheels Driving Car in Real Life

Hello kids, in this new video of superheroes in real life we have the police spiderman watching people cars, then he suddenly fell asleep and here comes Hulk and Baby Frozen Elsa the thiefs !!! Yes Hulk the thief and frozen elsa the queen of arendelle toy in real life is a thief in this movie! They come silently and steal two cars one yellow power wheels car and one power wheels ride on car big monster trucks ! then the police spiderman chase hulk and elsa and will proceed to a police arrest on them! He gets help from a kids police spiderman to stop marvel's hulk and disney's frozen elsa! Then funny moments with mickey mouse and joker !

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