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SPIDERBABY Driving Spiderman's Car vs Joker! w/ Stormtrooper & Green Power Ranger in Real Life

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SPIDERBABY Driving Spiderman's Car vs Joker! w/ Stormtrooper & Green Power Ranger in Real Life

Spiderman is reading a comic book while Baby Spiderman takes his keys and heads to the car. SpiderBaby drives off and Joker watches as he cruises by. Before long, Spiderbaby arrives at his destination and heads to the store. A Stormtrooper is watching the storefront as Spider Baby browses the goods. The Stormtrooper hands Spider baby a bag, and he begins to fill it with many goodies. He takes handfuls of candy, an Ariel doll, and a toy robot before paying the cashier and leaving.

The baby crawls back to the car and heads home, but Joker appears from the back seat and attacks the baby. Joker arms himself with a syringe and stabs SpiderBaby, knocking him unconscious before stealing his bag of goodies. Green Power Ranger is strolling around when he sees Baby Spiderman knocked out. He tells Green Ranger what happened and he searches for the thief. As Joker is distracted, Green Ranger sneaks up on him and knocks him out with a metal tray. As the vigilante tries to collect all of the goodies, Joker wakes up and sprays him with silly string.

Joker then takes all of the treasures and escapes yet again. It's not long before Green Ranger finds Joker once again and beats him up. Joker gives up the goodies, but Green Ranger still beats him up and returns them to Baby Spiderman. Baby Spiderman then heads back home to enjoy his new candy and toys.

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